<math.h> Mathematical Functions

The header file math.h consists of a macro and various functions that calculate common mathematical operations. Error conditions may be handled with a domain error or range error (see errno.h).

A domain error occurs when the input argument is outside the domain over which the function is defined. The error is reported by storing the value of EDOM in errno and returning a particular value defined for each function.

A range error occurs when the result is too large or too small to be represented in the target precision. The error is reported by storing the value of ERANGE in errno and returning HUGE_VAL/HUGE_VALL/HUGE_VALF if the (double/long double/float) result overflowed (return value was too large) or a zero if the result underflowed (return value is too small).

Responses to special values, such as NaNs, zeros and infinities, may vary depending upon the function.