lconv Type

lconv Type

A structure whose members can hold values appropriate for the formatting of numeric quantities according to the rules of the current locale.

Attention: This type is not implemented when building with MPLAB XC8 for PIC MCUs. It is implemented for all other devices and compilers.




The members contained within this structure are tabulated below with the values relevant for the "C" locale.

Member "C" Locale value
char *decimal_point; "."
char *thousands_sep; ""
char *grouping; ""
char *mon_decimal_point; ""
char *mon_thousands_sep; ""
char *mon_grouping; ""
char *positive_sign; ""
char *negative_sign; ""
char *currency_symbol; ""
char frac_digits; CHAR_MAX
char p_cs_precedes; CHAR_MAX
char n_cs_precedes; CHAR_MAX
char p_sep_by_space; CHAR_MAX
char n_sep_by_space; CHAR_MAX
char p_sign_posn; CHAR_MAX
char n_sign_posn; CHAR_MAX
char *int_curr_symbol; ""
char int_frac_digits; CHAR_MAX
char int_p_cs_precedes; CHAR_MAX
char int_n_cs_precedes; CHAR_MAX
char int_p_sep_by_space; CHAR_MAX
char int_n_sep_by_space; CHAR_MAX
char int_p_sign_posn; CHAR_MAX
char int_n_sign_posn; CHAR_MAX