8-bit AVR Microcontrollers


Timer/Counter0 (TC0) is a general purpose 8-bit Timer/Counter module, with two independent output compare units, and PWM support. It allows accurate program execution timing (event management) and wave generation.

A simplified block diagram of the 8-bit Timer/Counter is shown below. CPU accessible I/O registers, including I/O bits and I/O pins, are shown in bold. The device specific I/O register and bit locations are listed in the register description. For the actual placement of I/O pins, refer to the pinout diagram.

The TC0 is enabled by writing the PRTIM0 bit in ”Minimizing Power Consumption” to '0'.

The TC0 is enabled when the PRTIM0 bit in the Power Reduction Register (PRR0.PRTIM0) is written to '1'.

Figure 1. 8-bit Timer/Counter Block Diagram