8-bit AVR Microcontrollers

ADC Noise Reduction Mode

When the SM[2:0] bits are written to '001', the SLEEP instruction makes the MCU enter ADC Noise Reduction mode, stopping the CPU but allowing the ADC, the external interrupts, the two-wire serial interface address watch, Timer/Counter(1), and the Watchdog to continue operating (if enabled). This sleep mode basically halts clkI/O, clkCPU, and clkFLASH, while allowing the other clocks to run.

This improves the noise environment for the ADC, enabling higher resolution measurements. If the ADC is enabled, a conversion starts automatically when this mode is entered. Apart from the ADC conversion complete interrupt, only these events can wake-up the MCU from ADC Noise Reduction mode:
Note: 1. Timer/Counter will only keep running in Asynchronous mode.