8-bit AVR Microcontrollers

SPI Data Modes and Timing

There are four combinations of XCKn (SCK) phase and polarity with respect to serial data, which are determined by control bits UCPHAn and UCPOLn. The data transfer timing diagrams are shown in the following figure. Data bits are shifted out and latched in on opposite edges of the XCKn signal, ensuring sufficient time for data signals to stabilize. The UCPOLn and UCPHAn functionality is summarized in the following table. Note that changing the setting of any of these bits will corrupt all ongoing communication for both the Receiver and Transmitter.

Table 1. UCPOLn and UCPHAn Functionality
UCPOLn UCPHAn SPI Mode Leading Edge Trailing Edge
0 0 0 Sample (Rising) Setup (Falling)
0 1 1 Setup (Rising) Sample (Falling)
1 0 2 Sample (Falling) Setup (Rising)
1 1 3 Setup (Falling) Sample (Rising)
Figure 1. UCPHAn and UCPOLn Data Transfer Timing Diagrams