8-bit AVR Microcontrollers

Interrupt Vectors in ATmega328PB

Table 1. Reset and Interrupt Vectors in ATmega328PB
Vector No Program Address Source Interrupts definition
1 0x0000 RESET External Pin, Power-on Reset, Brown-out Reset and Watchdog System Reset
2 0x0002 INT0 External Interrupt Request 0
3 0x0004 INT1 External Interrupt Request 1
4 0x0006 PCINT0 Pin Change Interrupt Request 0
5 0x0008 PCINT1 Pin Change Interrupt Request 1
6 0x000A PCINT2 Pin Change Interrupt Request 2
7 0x000C WDT Watchdog Time-out Interrupt
8 0x000E TIMER2_COMPA Timer/Counter2 Compare Match A
9 0x0010 TIMER2_COMPB Timer/Coutner2 Compare Match B
10 0x0012 TIMER2_OVF Timer/Counter2 Overflow
11 0x0014 TIMER1_CAPT Timer/Counter1 Capture Event
12 0x0016 TIMER1_COMPA Timer/Counter1 Compare Match A
13 0x0018 TIMER1_COMPB Timer/Coutner1 Compare Match B
14 0x001A TIMER1_OVF Timer/Counter1 Overflow
15 0x001C TIMER0_COMPA Timer/Counter0 Compare Match A
16 0x001E TIMER0_COMPB Timer/Coutner0 Compare Match B
17 0x0020 TIMER0_OVF Timer/Counter0 Overflow
18 0x0022 SPI0 STC SPI1 Serial Transfer Complete
19 0x0024 USART0_RX USART0 Rx Complete
20 0x0026 USART0_UDRE USART0, Data Register Empty
21 0x0028 USART0_TX USART0, Tx Complete
22 0x002A ADC ADC Conversion Complete
23 0x002C EE READY EEPROM Ready
24 0x002E ANALOG COMP Analog Comparator
25 0x0030 TWI Two-wire Serial Interface (I2C
26 0x0032 SPM READY Store Program Memory Ready
27 0x0034 USART0_START USART0 Start frame detection
28 0x0036 PCINT3 Pin Change Interrupt Request 3
29 0x0038 USART1_RX USART0 Rx Complete
30 0x003A USART1_UDRE USART0, Data Register Empty
31 0x003C USART1_TX USART0, Tx Complete
32 0x003E USART1_START USART1 Start frame detection
33 0x0040 TIMER3_CAPT Timer/Counter3 Capture Event
34 0x0042 TIMER3_COMPA Timer/Counter3 Compare Match A
35 0x0044 TIMER3_COMPB Timer/Coutner3 Compare Match B
36 0x0046 TIMER3_OVF Timer/Counter3 Overflow
37 0x0048 CFD Clock failure detection interrrupt
38 0x004A PTC_EOC PTC End of Conversion
39 0x004C PTC_WCOMP PTC Window comparator mode
40 0x004E SPI1_STC SPI1 Serial Transfer Complete
41 0x0050 TWI1 TWI1 Transfer complete
42 0x0052 TIMER4_CAPT Timer/Counter3 Capture Event
43 0x0054 TIMER4_COMPA Timer/Counter3 Compare Match A
44 0x0056 TIMER4_COMPB Timer/Coutner3 Compare Match B
45 0x0058 TIMER4_OVF Timer/Counter3 Overflow