APB Write Debug Service

Writes bytes of data to the current fabric APB address as specified by APBADDR. The addressed fabric peripheral generates an error or fail to respond within a user-defined window, in that case the corresponding error flags are returned.

Table 1. APB Write Debug Service Request
System Service Descriptor Bit Field Value Description
15:7 MBOXADDR[10:2] Mailbox address. See Table 2.
6:0 78H APB Write Debug service command

The following table lists the APB Write Debug Service mailbox format.

Table 2. APB Write Debug Service Mailbox Format
Offset Length (bytes) Parameter Direction Description
0 4 APBADDR[28:0] Input Specifies the target address and transfer size for the APB write and APB read operations.
4 1 APBDWSIZE[1:0] Input Specifies the data transfer size to be used by the APB write and APB read operations.
8 2 MAXBYTES[11:0] Input Calculates specified number of bytes from the fabric APB bus to the Shared Buffer. Number of bytes = MAXBYTES + 1.
16 8 MSSADDR Input Specifies the MSS RAM area where to copy from MAXBYTES+1 of data to the APB. All accesses are done with MSS User privileges.