SPI Copy Service

Allows data to be copied from the SPI Flash to MSS memory. The SPI SCK frequency is specified by a user-defined option allowing for a maximum SCK frequency of 80 MHz. A SPI Flash memory address and MSS destination address are specified using the mailbox.

Table 1. SPI Copy Service Request
System Service Descriptor Bit Field Value Description
15:7 MBOXADDR[10:2] For the mailbox format, see Table 2.
6:0 50H SPI Copy Service command

The following table lists the SPI Copy Service mailbox format.

Table 2. SPI Copy Service Mailbox Format
Offset Length (bytes) Parameter Direction Description
0 8 DSTADDR Input MSS Destination address
8 4 SRCADDR Input SPI Flash address
12 4 NBYTES Input Number of bytes to transfer
16 1 OPTIONS Input OPTIONS (See Table 3)
Table 3. OPTIONS[7:0]
OPTIONS Name Description
1:0 CLKDIV SPI clock divider configuration.

Following are the Clock Dividers and their Frequency

  • 0: 80 MHz
  • 1: 40 MHz
  • 2: 20 MHz
  • 3: 13.33 MHz
7:2 RESERVED Reserved