Live Probe Debug Service

Configures channel A or B of the live probe system. A live probe is enabled by writing a local address register within one of the probe segment modules. Each probe segment module generates its own local channel A live probe outputs. The live probe outputs are combined to generate a chip-level live probe channel A signal.

The local live probe may be used internally within the user design or the global channel output may be sent to an IO. To support these options, an option is provided which clears all local channel configurations before configuring a new one.

When configuring channel A, channel B is not affected and vice-versa.

Table 1. Live Probe Debug Service Request
System Service Descriptor Bit Field Value Description
15:7 MBOXADDR[10:2] Mailbox address. See Table 2.
6:0 72H Live Probe Channel A service command
73H Live Probe Channel B service command

The following table lists the Live Probe Service mailbox format.

Table 2. Live Probe Service Mailbox Format
Offset (Byte) Offset (Bit) Length (Bits) Parameter Direction Description
0 0 5 XADDR[4:0] Input Specifies the X co-ordinate within target probe module.
0 5 6 YADDR[5:0] Input Specifies the Y co-ordinate within target probe module.
2 0 6 IPSEGADDR[5:0] Input Specifies the probe segment address and the target address of probe module.
2 6 5 IPROWADDR[4:0] Input Specifies the probe row address and the target address of probe module.
4 0 1 CLEAR Input Clears the configurations of local channels A or B. If CLEAR is ‘1’, all local channel x (the applicable channel A or B) configurations are cleared before applying the new configuration.
5 0 1 IOEN Input Activates the probe output pad. If IOEN is ‘1’, the corresponding live probe output pad is activated. Note that setting IOEN to ‘0’ does not disable the internal live probe configuration.