IAP Image Authentication Service

Allows the user to validate an IAP image stored in SPI Flash. The service authenticates the entire IAP image containing the image descriptor, the referenced bitstream, and optional initialization data. If the image is authenticated successfully, the image is guaranteed to be valid when used by an IAP programming service.

The SPI_IDX parameter passed to this service identifies the index in the SPI directory to be used. To support recovery, SPI_IDX = 1 must be an empty slot and the recovery image must be located in SPI_IDX = 0. Since SPI_IDX = 1 must be an empty slot, it should not be passed into the system service. The following table lists the fields contained in an IAP image authentication service request.

Table 1. IAP Image Authentication Service Request
System Service Descriptor Bit Field Value Description

14:7 IMAGEID[7:0] Identifies the image index in the SPI directory for image authentication.
6:0 22H IAP Image Authenticate service command.