Device and Design Information Services

These services provide return information about the device and current user design. The requested information is copied to a location whose address is included in the service descriptor. The size of the data returned is service dependent. The following table lists all the device and design information system services with their command values, description, and return status code.

Table 1. Device and Design Information System Services
System Service Name SERVICECMD in Hexadecimal Description Return Status Code
Serial Number Service 00 Fetches the 128-bit device serial number. 0: Success
USERCODE Service 01 Fetches the 32-bit USERCODE/Silicon signature.
Design Information Service 02 Returns design information including 256-bit user defined design ID, 16-bit design version, and 16-bit design back-level protection value.
Device Certificate Service 03 Fetches the device’s Supply Chain Assurance Certificate from pNVM.
  • 0: Success

    (Certificate is valid and consistent with device.)

  • 1: Device mismatch

    (Public key or factory serial number do not match device.)

  • 2: Certificate signature is invalid
  • 3: PUF or storage failure
Read Digests Service 04 Returns the stored digests for the device. 0: Success
Query Security Service 05 Fetches non-volatile states of user security locks.
Read Debug Information Service 06 Fetches debug information on programming, user initialization, device programming cycle count, and In-application programming (IAP) actions.
Read eNVM Parameters Service (For PolarFire® SoC FPGA Only) 07 Retrieves all parameters needed for eNVM operation and programming.
  • 0: Success
  • 1: eNVM page mismatch error

    (Page digest mismatches. Parameter values are still returned.)