microSD Card Connector

I/O1 Xplained Pro features a microSD card connector that connects to cards via a SPI interface. Examples on how to use microSD cards and an example SD card stack can be found through ASF, for the full SD card specification, see sdcard.org. The connections to the microSD card connector are shown in the table below.

Table 1. microSD Connector Connections
Pin on EXT connector Pin name microSD card connector pin Comment
- D2 1 Data line 2 on microSD card
15 D3 2 Data line 3 on microSD card. Active low chip select pin for microSD card, pulled high through 100kΩ pullup resistor.
16 CMD 3 Command line for microSD card. Connected to SPI_MOSI.
18 CLK 5 Clock line on microSD card. Connected to SPI_SCK.
17 D0 7 Data line 0 on microSD card. Connected to SPI_MISO.
- D1 8 Data line 1 on microSD card
10 SW_A 9 When a microSD card is put into the connector, SW_A and SW_B are short-circuited. SW_A is connected to the microSD_DETECT signal. To use this as a card indicator remember to enable internal pullup in the target device.