Steering Modes

In both Synchronous and Asynchronous Steering modes, the CWG Data can be steered to any combination of four CWG outputs. A fixed value will be presented on all the outputs not used for the PWM output. Each output has independent polarity, steering, and shutdown options. Dead-band control is not used in either Steering mode.

For example, when STRA = 0, the corresponding pin is held at the level defined by OVRA. When STRA = 1, the pin is driven by the CWG Data signal. The POLy bits control the signal polarity only when STRy = 1.

The CWG auto-shutdown operation also applies in Steering modes as described in the Auto-Shutdown section. An auto-shutdown event will only affect pins that have STRy = 1.

Figure 1. Simplified CWG Block Diagram (Output Steering Modes)