Break Character Sequence

The EUSART module has the capability of sending the special Break character sequences that are required by the LIN bus standard. A Break character consists of a Start bit, followed by 12 ‘0’ bits and a Stop bit.

To send a Break character, set the Send Break Character (SENDB) and Transmit Enable (TXEN) bits. The Break character transmission is then initiated by a write to the TXxREG. The value of data written to TXxREG will be ignored and all ‘0’s will be transmitted.

The SENDB bit is automatically reset by hardware after the corresponding Stop bit is sent. This allows the user to preload the transmit FIFO with the next transmit byte following the Break character (typically, the Sync character in the LIN specification).

The Transmit Shift Register Status (TRMT) bit indicates when the transmit operation is Active or Idle, just as it does during normal transmission. See Figure 1 for more details.