8-Bit DAC Specifications

Table 1.

Standard Operating Conditions (unless otherwise stated)

VDD = 3.0V, TA = 25°C

Param No. Sym. Characteristic Min. Typ. † Max. Units Conditions
DAC01* CLSB Step Size (VDACREF+-VDACREF-)/256 V  
DAC02 CINL Integral Error ±1.4 LSb  
DAC03 CDNL Differential Error ±1 LSb  
DAC04 COFF Offset Error ±1 LSb  
DSB05 CGN Gain Error ±1.5 LSb  
DSB06* CR Unit Resistor Value  
DSB07* CST Settling Time(1) 10 μs  
DSB08* CACC Absolute Accuracy ±4 LSb  

* These parameters are characterized but not tested.

† Data in “Typ” column is at 3.0V, 25°C unless otherwise stated. These parameters are for design guidance only and are not tested.

  1. 1.Settling time measured while DACR[7:0] transitions from ‘b00000000 to ‘b11111111.