Thermal Characteristics

Table 1.
Standard Operating Conditions (unless otherwise stated)
Param No. Sym. Characteristic Typ. Units Conditions
TH01 θJA Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient °C/W 8-pin PDIP package
°C/W 8-pin SOIC package
°C/W 8-pin DFN package
°C/W 14-pin PDIP package
°C/W 14-pin SOIC package
°C/W 14-pin TSSOP package
°C/W 16-pin VQFN 4x4 mm package
°C/W 20-pin PDIP package
°C/W 20-pin SOIC package
°C/W 20-pin SSOP package
°C/W 20-pin VQFN 4x4 mm package
TH02 TJMAX Maximum Junction Temperature 150 °C  
TH03 PD Power Dissipation W PD = PINTERNAL+PI/O
TH04 PINTERNAL Internal Power Dissipation W PINTERNAL = IDD x VDD(1)
TH05 PI/O I/O Power Dissipation W PI/O = Σ(IOL*VOL)+Σ(IOH*(VDD-VOH))
TH06 PDER Derated Power W PDER = PDMAX (TJ-TA)/θJA(2)
  1. 1.IDD is current to run the chip alone without driving any load on the output pins.
  2. 2.TA = Ambient Temperature, TJ = Junction Temperature.