Temperature Indicator Range

The temperature indicator circuit operates in either high or low range. The high range, selected by setting the TSRNG bit, provides a wider output voltage. This provides more resolution over the temperature range. High range requires a higher bias voltage to operate and thus, a higher VDD is needed. The low range is selected by clearing the TSRNG bit. The low range generates a lower sensor voltage and thus, a lower VDD voltage is needed to operate the circuit.

The output voltage of the sensor is the highest value at -40℃ and the lowest value at +125℃.
Important: The standard parameters for the Temperature Indicator for both high range and low range are stored in the DIA table. Refer to the DIA table in the “Memory Organization” chapter for more details. Additionally, the Temperature Indicator sensitivity parameter (MV) for both high range and low range is located in the “Electrical Specifications” section.