10-Bit Addressing with Address or Data Hold

Reception using 10-bit addressing with AHEN or DHEN set is the same as with 7-bit modes. The only difference is the need to update the SSPxADD register using the UA bit. All functionality, specifically when the CKP bit is cleared and SCL line is held low, are the same. Figure 1 can be used as a reference of a client in 10-bit addressing with AHEN set.

Figure 2 shows a standard waveform for a client transmitter in 10-bit Addressing mode.

Figure 1. I2C Client, 10-Bit Address, Reception (SEN = 0, AHEN = 1, DHEN = 0)
Figure 2. I2C Client, 10-Bit Address, Transmission (SEN = 0, AHEN = 0, DHEN = 0)