Configurable Logic Cell (CLC) Characteristics

Table 1.

Standard Operating Conditions (unless otherwise stated)

Operating Temperature: -40°C≤TA≤+125°C

Param No. Sym. Characteristic Min. Typ. † Max. Units Conditions
CLC01* TCLCIN CLC input time 7 IO5 ns (Note 1)
CLC02* TCLC CLC module input to output propagation time 24 ns VDD = 1.8V
12 ns VDD > 3.6V
CLC03* TCLCOUT CLC output time Rise Time IO6 (Note 1)
Fall Time IO8 (Note 1)
CLC04* FCLCMAX CLC maximum switching frequency OS20  

* These parameters are characterized but not tested.

† Data in “Typ” column is at 3.0V, 25°C unless otherwise stated. These parameters are for design guidance only and are not tested.

  1. 1.See the “I/O and CLKOUT Timing Specifications” section for IO5, IO6 and IO8 rise and fall times.
Figure 1. CLC Propagation Timing