Data EEPROM Memory

The EEPROM memory can be read or written through the NVMCON register interface. However, to make access to the EEPROM easier, read-only access to the EEPROM contents are also available through indirect addressing via an FSR. When the MSP of the FSR (ex: FSRxH) is set to 0x70, the lower 8-bit address value (in FSRxL) determines the EEPROM location that may be read via the INDF register). In other words, the EEPROM address range 0x00-0xFF is mapped into the FSR address space between 0x7000 and 0x70FF. Writing to the EEPROM cannot be accomplished via the FSR/INDF interface. Reads from the EEPROM through the FSR/INDF interface will require one additional instruction cycle to complete.