Receive Framing Error

Each character in the receive FIFO buffer has a corresponding framing error Status bit. A framing error indicates that a Stop bit was not seen at the expected time. The framing error status is accessed via the Framing Error (FERR) bit. The FERR bit represents the status of the top unread character in the receive FIFO. Therefore, the FERR bit must be read before reading the RCxREG register.

The FERR bit is read-only and only applies to the top unread character in the receive FIFO. A framing error (FERR = 1) does not preclude reception of additional characters. It is not necessary to clear the FERR bit. Reading the next character from the FIFO buffer will advance the FIFO to the next character and the next corresponding framing error.

The FERR bit can be forced clear by clearing the SPEN bit, which resets the EUSART. Clearing the CREN bit does not affect the FERR bit. A framing error by itself does not generate an interrupt.

Important: If all receive characters in the receive FIFO have framing errors, repeated reads of the RCxREG register will not clear the FERR bit.