Xplained Pro Standard Extension Headers

QT5 Xplained Pro implements one Xplained Pro Standard Extension Header (see also section Xplained Pro Standard Extension Header) marked with EXT1 in silkscreen. This header make it possible to connect the board to an Xplained Pro MCU board with an MCU featuring a PTC module. The pinout definition for the extension header can be seen in the table below.

Table 1. QT5 Xplained Pro Extension Header 1
Pin on EXT Function Description
1 ID Communication line to ID chip
2 GND Ground
3 Y0 Y-line 0: Connected to Slider
4 Y1 Y-line 1: Connected to Buttons
5 Not Connected  
6 Not Connected  
7 X0 X-line 0: Connected to Slider and Buttons
8 X1 X-line 1: Connected to Slider
9 X2 X-line 2: Connected to Slider and Buttons
10 X3 X-line 3: Connected to Slider
11 I2C SDA Connected to LED driver IC
12 I2C SCL Connected to LED driver IC
13 Not Connected  
14 Not Connected  
15 Not Connected  
16 Not Connected  
17 Not Connected  
18 Not Connected  
19 GND Ground
20 VCC Target supply voltage