Protocol Sub-set Overview

One or more of the sub-protocols listed in the table below may be implemented by EDBG. Each one implements its own command handler, and is self-contained in terms of configuration parameters. Which protocol to use is given by the ID being put into the "Protocol handler ID" field in the main frame format. Then the command or response follows as the "Payload" field in the main frame format.

Table 1. Protocol Sub-sets
ID Name Description
0x00 DISCOVERY For discovering the feature set of the tool
0x01 HOUSEKEEPING (HK) Housekeeping functions
0x11 AVRISP Programming of tinyAVR® and megaAVR® using AVRISP commands (SPI-based programming)
  • Debugging of tinyAVR using debugWIRE

  • Programming and debugging of megaAVR and XMEGA® using JTAG and PDI

  • Programming and debugging of AVR devices using UPDI
0x13 AVR32GENERIC Programming and debugging of AVR UC3 32-bit microcontrollers using JTAG and aWire
0x14 TPI Programming of tinyAVR devices using TPI
0x20 EDBG_CTRL Control and configuration of EDBG