SET/GET Parameters

Table 1. AVR 32-bit Microcontroller SET/GET Parameters
Context ID Description Acc Size
AVR32_CTXT_USB AVR32_USB_MAX_READ Maximum payload for reading is (2^MAX_READ) R 1 byte
AVR32_USB_MAX_WRITE Maximum payload for writing is (2^MAX_WRITE) R 1 byte

Sets the RUN indicator

0x00 = stopped

0x01 = running

W 1 byte

Selects the physical interface

0x00 = None

0x04 = JTAG

0x07 = aWire

RW 1 byte
AVR32_PHY_JTAG_CLOCK JTAG clock frequency [kHz] RW 2 bytes

Maximum aWire baud [kbps]

Baud rate is configured automatically, but a ceiling value can be set.

RW 2 bytes

Devices before <<24

Devices after <<16

IR-bits before <<8

IR-bits after <<0

Note that daisy chain settings must be written before activating the JTAG physical.

RW 4 bytes

Applies or releases the /RESET line:

0x01: pulls the /RESET line to ground

0x01: releases /RESET.

The user is responsible for releasing /RESET after pulling it low in this way.

W 1 byte
AVR32_CTXT_DEVICE AVR32_FLASH_CTRL_BASE Flash controller base address [byte address] W 4 bytes
AVR32_FLASH_PAGEBYTES Number of bytes in one flash page. W 2 bytes

Number of reset domains in target device.

Usually 5 for UC3A/B and 1 for UC3C/L.

W 1 byte
AVR32_FLASH_PAGES Number of pages in the flash block W 2 bytes
AVR32_AWIRE_BASE Base address for aWire module W 4 bytes