Performs an erase on the target. Functionality varies according to target family.

Table 1. Erase Command Format
Field Size Description
CMD_AVR8_ERASE 1 byte Command ID
Version (0x00) 1 byte Command version
Mode 1 byte

0x00 = Chip erase

0x01 = Application erase

0x02 = Boot section erase

0x03 = EEPROM erase

0x04 = Application page erase

0x05 = Boot page erase

0x06 = EEPROM page erase

0x07 = User signature erase

Address 4 bytes Start address of section to erase (byte address)
Note: tinyAVR and megaAVR (debugWIRE) does not support any erase functionality - flash pages are erased automatically before programming.
Note: megaAVR (JTAG) support only chip erase mode - Mode and Address parameters are ignored.
Note: AVR XMEGA requires Mode and Address parameters.