CMSIS-DAP Vendor Commands

The CMSIS-DAP protocol contains a section of "vendor commands", which are free to use for performing special functions. This section defines the vendor commands used by EDBG-based tools.

A summary of vendor commands is given here:

Table 1. Vendor Command Summary
ID value Command Usage Description
0x80 AVR_CMD AVR Enveloped AVR protocol command
0x81 AVR_RSP AVR Enveloped AVR protocol response poll
0x82 AVR_EVT AVR Enveloped AVR protocol event poll
0x83 GET_CONFIG EDBG Retrieve EDBG board configuration
0x84 SET_CONFIG EDBG Set EDBG board configuration (only on HHB suffixed parts)
0x85 RESET ARM Perform custom reset sequence
0x86 ERASE_PIN ARM/EDBG Control the erase pin
0x87 SERIAL_TRACE ARM Serial trace capture commands
0x88 GET_REQUEST EDBG Enveloped EDBG GET command
0x89 SET_REQUEST EDBG Enveloped EDBG SET command
0x8A DATA_POLLING ALL Configure data polling service