Fuses - Factory Default Values

A clarification has been made for the Fuse Description section concerning the fuse default values. The data sheet refers to these values as reset values when they should have been referred to as factory-programmed values. Also, they are given in both hexadecimal and binary values, which contradicts each other.

The following sentence has been added to each sub-section of the Fuse Description section.

The default value given in this fuse description is the factory-programmed value and should not be mistaken for the Reset value.

The table below lists the reset values given by the data sheet and the actual factory-programmed default values.

Fuse Stated Reset Value in Data Sheet Actual Factory Default on Device
Hexadecimal Binary Hexadecimal Binary
WDTCFG - `b00000000 0x00 `b00000000
BODCFG - `b00000000 0x00 `b00000000
OSCCFG - `b0XXXXX10 0x01 `b00000001
TCD0CFG - `b00000000 0x00 `b00000000
SYSCFG0 0xC4 `b11X101X0 0xF6 `b11110110
SYSCFG1 - `bXXXXX111 0x07 `b00000111
APPEND - `b00000000 0x00 `b00000000
BOOTEND - `b00000000 0x00 `b00000000
LOCKBIT - `b00000000 0xC5 `b11000101