SAM L11 User Row

Table 1. SAM L11 UROW Bitfields Definition
Bit Pos. Name Usage

Factory Setting

Related Peripheral Register

2:0 SULCK NVM Secure Region UnLock Bits 0x7 NVMCTRL.SULCK
5:3 NSULCK NVM Non-Secure Region UnLock Bits 0x7 NVMCTRL.NSULCK
6 Reserved Reserved Reserved Reserved
12:7 BOD33_LEVEL BOD33 threshold level at power-on. 0x6 SUPC.BOD33
13 BOD33_DIS BOD33 Disable at power-on 0x0 SUPC.BOD33
15:14 BOD33_ACTION BOD33 Action at power-on 0x1 SUPC.BOD33
24:16 BOD12 Calibration Parameters Do not change(See Note 1 under Caution) 0x08F Reserved
25 WDT_RUNSTDBY WDT Runstdby at power-on 0x0 WDT.CTRLA
26 WDT_ENABLE WDT Enable at power-on 0x0 WDT.CTRLA
27 WDT_ALWAYSON WDT Always-On at power-on 0x0 WDT.CTRLA
31:28 WDT_PER WDT Period at power-on 0xB WDT.CONFIG
35:32 WDT_WINDOW WDT Window mode time-out at power-on 0xB WDT.CONFIG
39:36 WDT_EWOFFSET WDT Early Warning Interrupt Time Offset at power-on 0xB WDT.EWCTRL
40 WDT_WEN WDT Timer Window Mode Enable at power-on 0x0 WDT.CTRLA
41 BOD33_HYST BOD33 Hysteresis configuration at power-on 0x0 SUPC.BOD33
42 Reserved Reserved Reserved Reserved
43 RXN RAM is eXecute Never 0x1 IDAU.SECCTRL
44 DXN Data Flash is eXecute Never 0x1 NVMCTRL.SECCTRL
63:45 Reserved Reserved Reserved Reserved
71:64 AS Secure Flash (AS region) Size = AS*0x100(5) 0xFF IDAU.SCFGA
77:72 ANSC Non-Secure Callable Flash (APPLICATION region) Size = ANSC*0x20 0x0 IDAU.SCFGA
79:78 Reserved Reserved Reserved Reserved
83:80 DS Secure Data Flash Size = DS*0x100 0x8 IDAU.SCFGA
87:84 Reserved Reserved Reserved Reserved
94:88 RS Secure SRAM Size = RS*0x80 0x7F IDAU.SCFGR
95 Reserved Reserved Reserved Reserved
96 URWEN User Row Write Enable 0x1 NVMCTRL.SCFGAD
127:97 Reserved Reserved Reserved Reserved
159:128 NONSECA(1) Peripherals Non-Secure Status Fuses for Bridge A 0x0000_0000 PAC.NONSECA
191:160 NONSECB(2, 3) Peripherals Non-Secure Status Fuses for Bridge B 0x0000_0000 PAC.NONSECB
223:192 NONSECC Peripherals Non-Secure Status Fuses for Bridge C 0x0000_0000 PAC.NONSECC
255:224 USERCRC CRC of NVM User Row bits 223:64 0x8433651E(4) Boot ROM
  1. 1.The PAC Peripheral is always secured regardless of its bit value
  2. 2.The IDAU and NVMCTRL peripherals are always secured regardless of their bit values.
  3. 3.The DSU peripheral is always non-secured regardless of its bit value.
  4. 4.USERCRC value after a ChipErase_ALL (CE2) is 0x3389CD7C.
  5. 5.Secure Flash (AS region) = Secure Flash (APPLICATION region) + Non-Secure Callable Flash (APPLICATION region)
  1. 1.BOD12 is calibrated in production and its calibration parameters must not be changed to ensure the correct device behavior.
Table 2. SAM L11 UROW Mapping
Offset Bit


0x02 23:16 BOD12 Calibration Parameters
0x03 31:24 WDT_PER WDT_ALWAYSON WDT_ENABLE WDT_RUNSTDBY BOD12 Calibration Parameters
0x05 47:40 Reserved DXN RXN Reserved BOD33_HYST WDT_WEN
0x06 55:48 Reserved
0x07 63:56 Reserved
0x08 71:64 AS
0x09 79:72 Reserved ANSC
0x0A 87:80 Reserved DS
0x0B 95:88 Reserved RS
0x0C 103:96 Reserved URWEN
0x0D-0xF 127:104 Reserved
0x10-0x13 159:128 NONSECA
0x14-0x17 191:160 NONSECB
0x18-0x1B 223:192 NONSECC
0x1C-0x1F 255:224 USERCRC