Before a Generator is enabled, the corresponding clock source should be enabled. The Peripheral clock must be configured as outlined by the following steps:
  1. 1.The Generator must be enabled (GENCTRLn.GENEN=1) and the division factor must be set (GENTRLn.DIVSEL and GENCTRLn.DIV) by performing a single 32-bit write to the Generator Control register (GENCTRLn).
  2. 2.The Generic Clock for a peripheral must be configured by writing to the respective Peripheral Channel Control register (PCHCTRLm). The Generator used as the source for the Peripheral Clock must be written to the GEN bit field in the Peripheral Channel Control register (PCHCTRLm.GEN).
Note: Each Generator n is configured by one dedicated register GENCTRLn.
Note: Each Peripheral Channel m is configured by one dedicated register PCHCTRLm.