Starting CRC32 Calculation

CRC32 calculation for a memory range is started after writing the start address into the Address register (ADDR) and the size of the memory range into the Length register (LENGTH). Both must be word-aligned.

The initial value used for the CRC32 calculation must be written to the Data register (DATA). This value will usually be 0xFFFFFFFF, but can be, for example, the result of a previous CRC32 calculation if generating a common CRC32 of separate memory blocks.

Once completed, the calculated CRC32 value can be read out of the Data register. The read value must be complemented to match standard CRC32 implementations or kept non-inverted if used as starting point for subsequent CRC32 calculations.

The actual test is started by writing a '1' in the 32-bit Cyclic Redundancy Check bit of the Control register (CTRL.CRC). A running CRC32 operation can be canceled by resetting the module (writing '1' to CTRL.SWRST).