Software Trigger

  0x18 8 PAC Write-Protection, Write-Synchronized 0x00  

Software Trigger

Bit  7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0  
              START FLUSH  
Access              W W  
Reset              0 0  

Bit 1 – START: ADC Start Conversion

ADC Start Conversion

Writing a '1' to this bit will start a conversion or sequence. The bit is cleared by hardware when the conversion has started. Writing a '1' to this bit when it is already set has no effect.

Writing a '0' to this bit will have no effect.

Bit 0 – FLUSH: ADC Conversion Flush

ADC Conversion Flush

Writing a '1' to this bit will flush the ADC pipeline. A flush will restart the ADC clock on the next peripheral clock edge, and all conversions in progress will be aborted and lost. This bit is cleared until the ADC has been flushed.

After the flush, the ADC will resume where it left off; i.e., if a conversion was pending, the ADC will start a new conversion.

Writing this bit to '0' will have no effect.