Event User m

Important: For SAM L11 Non-Secure accesses, read and write accesses (RW*) are allowed only if the security attribution for the corresponding event user (USERx) is set as Non-Secured in the NONSECUSER register.
Table 1. User Multiplexer Number m
USERm User Multiplexer Description Path Type
m=1 TAMPEVT RTC Tamper A
m=2 AUTOW NVMCTRL Auto-Write A,S,R
m=3..6 EVU0-3 PORT Event A
m=7..10 CH0-3 DMA Channel Event S,R
m=11 EVU TC0 EVU A,S,R
m=12 EVU TC1 EVU A,S,R
m=13 EVU TC2 EVU A,S,R
m=14 START ADC Start Conversion A,S,R
m=15 FLUSH Flush ADC A,S,R
m=16..17 COMP0-1 AC Start Comparator A
m=18 START DAC Start Conversion A
m=19 STCONV PTC Start Conversion A,S,R
m=20 DSEQR PTC Sequencing A,S,R
m=21..22 LUT0-1 CCL LUT Input A
  1. 1.A = Asynchronous path, S = Synchronous path, R = Resynchronized path.
  0x0120 + m*0x01 [m=0..22] 8 PAC Write-Protection, Mix-Secure 0x0   23 -1

Event User m

Bit  7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0  
Access          R/W/RW*/RW R/W/RW*/RW R/W/RW*/RW R/W/RW*/RW  
Reset          0 0 0 0  

Bits 3:0 – CHANNEL[3:0]: Channel Event Selection

Channel Event Selection

These bits select channel n to connect to the event user m.

Note: A value x of this bit field selects channel n = x-1.
0x00 No channel selected
0x01 Channel 0 selected
0x02 Channel 1 selected
0x03 Channel 2 selected
0x04 Channel 3 selected
0x05 Channel 4 selected
0x06 Channel 5 selected
0x07 Channel 6 selected
0x08 Channel 7 selected