CoreSight Identification

A system-level ARM® CoreSight™ ROM table is present in the device to identify the vendor and the chip identification method. Its address is provided in the MEM-AP BASE register inside the ARM Debug Access Port. The CoreSight ROM implements a 64-bit conceptual ID composed as follows from the PID0 to PID7 CoreSight ROM Table registers:

Figure 1. Conceptual 64-bit Peripheral ID
Table 1. Conceptual 64-Bit Peripheral ID Bit Descriptions
Field Size Description Location
JEP-106 CC code 4 Continuation code: 0x0 PID4
JEP-106 ID code 7 Device ID: 0x1F PID1+PID2
4KB count 4 Indicates that the CoreSight component is a ROM: 0x0 PID4
RevAnd 4 Not used; read as 0 PID3
CUSMOD 4 Not used; read as 0 PID3
PARTNUM 12 Contains 0xCD0 to indicate that DSU is present PID0+PID1
REVISION 4 DSU revision (starts at 0x0 and increments by 1 at both major and minor revisions). Identifies DSU identification method variants. If 0x0, this indicates that device identification can be completed by reading the Device Identification register (DID) PID2

For more information, refer to the ARM Debug Interface Version 5 Architecture Specification.