Write Access Protection Management Errors

Only word-wise writes to the WRCTRL register will effectively change the access protection. Other type of accesses will have no effect and will cause a PAC write access error. This error is reported in the INTFLAGn.PAC bit corresponding to the PAC module.

PAC also offers an additional safety feature for correct program execution with an interrupt generated on double write clear protection or double write set protection. If a peripheral is write protected and a subsequent set protection operation is detected then the PAC returns an error, and similarly for a double clear protection operation.

In addition, an error is generated when writing a “set and lock” protection to a write-protected peripheral or when a write access is done to a locked set protection. This can be used to ensure that the application follows the intended program flow by always following a write protect with an unprotect and conversely. However in applications where a write protected peripheral is used in several contexts, e.g. interrupt, care should be taken so that either the interrupt can not happen while the main application or other interrupt levels manipulates the write protection status or when the interrupt handler needs to unprotect the peripheral based on the current protection status by reading the STATUS register.

The errors generated while accessing the PAC module registers (eg. key error, double protect error...) will set the INTFLAGn.PAC flag.