Event Automatic Write

The Event Automatic Write feature is enabled by setting EVCTRL.AUTOWEI=1. When enabled, an event input from EVSYS will trigger a page programming command. The polarity of the input event can be inverted by setting EVCTRL.AUTOWINV. The page written is addressed by the address register (ADDR) and can reside in program or data memory. To use this feature, the row must be previously erased and the page buffer must contain the desired data to be written.

As the Page Buffer is lost when the NVM enters low power mode (refer to Power Management) cannot be used if the device enters STANDBY mode or if the NVM uses power reduction modes.

The cache coherency is not ensured after an Event Automatic Write in a FLASH page. The FLASH region is cacheable, it is the user responsability to clear the cache after such an action. Note that the Data FLASH is not subject to cache coherency issues since it is not cacheble.