The Operational Amplifier (OPAMP) Controller configures and controls three low power, general purpose operational amplifiers offering a high degree of flexibility and rail-to-rail inputs.

Most common inverting or non-inverting programmable gain and hysteresis configurations can be selected by software - no external components are required for these configurations.

The OPAMPs can be cascaded for both standalone mode and built-in configurations.

Each OPAMP can be used as a standalone amplifier. External pins are available for filter configurations or other applications. A reference can be generated from the DAC to be used as selectable reference for inverting PGA (programmable gain amplifier) or instrumentation amplifier. Each OPAMP can be used as buffer or PGA for the ADC or an AC. The OPAMP offset voltage can be compensated when it is used in combination with the ADC.

Four modes are available to select the trade-off between speed and power consumption to best fit the application requirements and optimize the power consumption.