Automatic Sequences

The ADC has the ability to automatically sequence a series of conversions. This means that each time the ADC receives a start-of-conversion request, it can perform multiple conversions automatically. All of the 32 positive inputs can be included in a sequence by writing to corresponding bits in the Sequence Control register (SEQCTRL). The order of the conversion in a sequence is the lower positive MUX selection to upper positive MUX (AIN0, AIN1, AIN2 ...). In differential mode, the negative inputs selected by MUXNEG field, will be used for the entire sequence.

When a sequence starts, the Sequence Busy status bit in Sequence Status register (SEQSTATUS.SEQBUSY) will be set. When the sequence is complete, the Sequence Busy status bit will be cleared.

Each time a conversion is completed, the Sequence State bit in Sequence Status register (SEQSTATUS.SEQSTATE) will store the input number from which the conversion is done. The result will be stored in the RESULT register, and the Result Ready Interrupt Flag (INTFLAG.RESRDY) is set.

If additional inputs must be scanned, the ADC will automatically start a new conversion on the next input present in the sequence list.

Note that if SEQCTRL register has no bits set to '1', the conversion is done with the selected MUXPOS input.