Performance Level Configuration

  0x02 8 PAC Write-Protection 0x00  

Performance Level Configuration

Bit  7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0  
  PLDIS           PLSEL[1:0]  
Access  R/W           R/W R/W  
Reset  0           0 0  

Bit 7 – PLDIS: Performance Level Disable

Performance Level Disable

Disabling the PL selection forces the device to run in PL0, reducing the power consumption, and the wake-up time from Standby Sleep mode.

Changing this bit when the current performance level is not PL0 is discarded, and a violation is reported to the PAC module.

0 The Performance Level mechanism is enabled.
1 The Performance Level mechanism is disabled.

Bits 1:0 – PLSEL[1:0]: Performance Level Select

Performance Level Select

Value Name Definition
0x0 PL0 Performance Level 0
0x1 Reserved Reserved
0x2 PL2 Performance Level 2
0x3 Reserved Reserved