The output of the comparators can be filtered digitally to reduce noise. The filtering is determined by the Filter Length bits in the Comparator Control x register (COMPCTRLx.FLEN), and is independent for each comparator. Filtering is selectable from none, 3-bit majority (N=3) or 5-bit majority (N=5) functions. Any change in the comparator output is considered valid only if N/2+1 out of the last N samples agree. The filter sampling rate is the GCLK_AC frequency.

Note that filtering creates an additional delay of N-1 sampling cycles from when a comparison is started until the comparator output is validated. For continuous mode, the first valid output will occur when the required number of filter samples is taken. Subsequent outputs will be generated every cycle based on the current sample plus the previous N-1 samples, as shown in Figure 1. For single-shot mode, the comparison completes after the Nth filter sample, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1. Continuous Mode Filtering
Figure 2. Single-Shot Filtering

During sleep modes, filtering is supported only for single-shot measurements. Filtering must be disabled if continuous measurements will be done during sleep modes, or the resulting interrupt/event may be generated incorrectly.