Programming and Debug Ports

For programming and/or debugging the SAM L10/L11, the device should be connected using the Serial Wire Debug, SWD, interface. Currently the SWD interface is supported by several Microchip and third party programmers and debuggers, like the Atmel-ICE, SAM-ICE or SAM L10/L11 Xplained Pro (SAM L10/L11 evaluation kit) Embedded Debugger.

Refer to the Atmel-ICE, SAM-ICE or SAM L10/L11 Xplained Pro user guides for details on debugging and programming connections and options. For connecting to any other programming or debugging tool, refer to that specific programmer or debugger’s user guide.

The SAM L10/L11 Xplained Pro evaluation board supports programming and debugging through the on-board embedded debugger so no external programmer or debugger is needed.

The SWDIO pin should be pulled up on the target.

It is recommended that the SWCLK pin is pulled to a defined state of the target board.