I/O Pin Characteristics

The following are two I/O pin types with three different speeds: Normal and High Sink.

The Drive Strength bit is located in the Pin Configuration register of the PORT (PORT.PINCFG.DRVSTR).

Table 1. I/O Pins Common Characteristics
Symbol Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units
VIL Input low-level voltage VDD=1.8V-2.7V - - 0.25*VDD V
VDD=2.7V-3.63V - - 0.3*VDD
VIH Input high-level voltage VDD=1.8V-2.7V 0.7*VDD - -
VDD=2.7V-3.63V 0.55*VDD - -
VOL Output low-level voltage VDD>1.8V, IOL max. - 0.1*VDD 0.2*VDD
VOH Output high-level voltage VDD>1.8V, IOH max. 0.7*VDD 0.8*VDD -
RPULL Pull-up - Pull-down resistance   20 40 63
ILEAK Input leakage current Pull-up resistors disabled -1 ±0.015 1 µA
Table 2. I/O Pins Maximum Output Current
Symbol Parameter Conditions Normal Pins High Sink Pins(1) Normal Pins High Sink Pins(1) Units
IOL Maximum Output low-level current VDD=1.8V-3V 1 2 2 4 mA
VDD=3V-3.63V 2.5 6 6 12
IOH Maximum Output high-level current VDD=1.8V-3V 0.7 1.5 1.5 3
VDD=3V-3.63V 2 5 5 10
  1. 1.The following pins are High Sink pins and have different properties than the normal pins: PA16, PA17, PA22, PA23, and PA31.