Creating Blocks, Options, and Settings

PolarFire Block Flow allows you to publish a reusable component that can be instantiated into another design. A block component includes timing constraints, physical constraints, placement, and routing details. To enable block creation option:
  1. 1.Launch the Libero SoC tool.
  2. 2.For a new project:
    1. a. Select Project > New Project. The New Project window appears.
    2. b.Specify the project details and select the Enable block creation check box.
    3. c.Click Next and continue with creating a new project.
  3. 3.For an existing project:
    1. a.Select Project > Project Settings. The Project settings window appears.
    2. b.Click Design flow on the left pane.
    3. c. Select the Enable block creation check box available on the right panel.
    4. d.Click Save to update the project settings.
      Note: To change the block flow settings, you must clean and rerun all your design flow tools. It is recommended that you back up the files you want to preserve.
    5. e.Click Close to close the Project settings window.
    Note: A block flow component may not contain I/O cells and cannot be programmed by itself.