Managing Place and Route and Globals

This option is available only when the Block Creation option is enabled (Project > Project Settings > Design Flow > Enable Block Creation).

The Place-and-Route tool has an option to limit the number of row globals used for block creation.

To use this option:

  1. 1.From the Design Flow window, right-click Place and Route and choose Configure Options.
    The Layout Options dialog box shows the default number of row-global resources for the technology family.
  2. 2.Enter a value to restrict the number of row-global resources available in every half-row of the device. During Place and Route of the block, the tool will not exceed this capacity on any half-row. The default value is the maximum number of row globals. If you enter a value lower than the maximum capacity (the default), the layout of the block will be able to integrate with the rest of the design if the remaining row-global capacity is consumed.