Client Mode Receive Options

The RXR bit controls the nature of receptions in Client mode. When RXR is set, the SDI input data will be stored in the receive FIFO if it is not full. If the receive FIFO is full, the RXOIF bit will be set to indicate a receive FIFO overflow error and the data is discarded. When RXR is cleared, all received data will be ignored and not stored in the receive FIFO (although it may still be used for transmission if the transmit FIFO is empty).

The following figure presents a typical Client mode communication, showing a case where the host writes two then three bytes, showing interrupts as well as the behavior of the transfer counter in Client mode (see the Transfer Counter in Client Mode section for more details on the transfer counter in Client mode as well as the SPI Interrupts section for more information on interrupts).

Figure 1. SPI Client Mode Operation – Interrupt-Driven, Host Writes 2+3 Bytes