ADC Conversion Procedure (Basic Mode)

This is an example procedure for using the ADC to perform an Analog-to-Digital Conversion:

  1. 1.Configure Port:
    1. a.Disable pin output driver (refer to the TRISx register)
    2. b.Configure pin as analog (refer to the ANSELx register)
  2. 2.Configure the ADC module:
    1. a.Select ADC conversion clock
    2. b.Configure voltage reference
    3. c.Select ADC input channel
    4. d.Configure precharge (ADPRE) and acquisition (ADACQ) time period
    5. e.Turn on ADC module
  3. 3.Configure ADC interrupt (optional):
    1. a.Clear ADC interrupt flag
    2. b.Enable ADC interrupt
    3. c.Enable global interrupt (GIE bit)(1)
  4. 4.If ADACQ != 0, software must wait the required acquisition time(2).
  5. 5.Start conversion by setting the GO bit.
  6. 6.Wait for ADC conversion to complete by one of the following:
    • Polling the GO bit
    • Waiting for the ADC interrupt (if interrupt is enabled)
  7. 7.Read ADC Result.
  8. 8.Clear the ADC interrupt flag (if interrupt is enabled).
  1. 1.With global interrupts disabled (GIE = 0), the device will wake from Sleep, but will not enter an Interrupt Service Routine.
  2. 2.Refer to the ADC Acquisition Requirements section for more details.