The PIC18-Q20 microcontroller family is one of the smallest PIC18 product families available in 14/20-pin devices for sensor-interfacing, real-time control and communication applications.

The family showcases a Multi-Voltage I/O (MVIO) interface with multiple pins powered by VDDIO2 and VDDIO3 that allows for these pins to operate at a different voltage domain than the rest of the microcontroller. This family features the Improved Inter-Integrated Circuit® (I3C) Target module with a higher communication rate and a 10-bit 300 ksps ADC with Computation for responsive sensor designs. The family also features the 8-bit Virtual Port module to interconnect digital peripherals without using external pins.

Additional features include vectored interrupt controller with fixed latency for handling interrupts, system bus arbiter, Direct Memory Access (DMA) capabilities, UART with support for asynchronous, DMX, DALI and LIN protocols, SPI, I2C, and a programmable 32-bit CRC with memory scan. This family also includes Memory Access Partition (MAP) to support users in bootloader applications. The Device Information Area (DIA) stores factory calibration values to help improve temperature sensor accuracy.