I3C Bus Configuration

An I3C bus can have the following compatible devices connected to it:

An I3C bus is considered a pure bus when there are no active I2C devices present, otherwise it is considered a mixed bus. The I3C bus is always initially configured in SDR mode by the I3C Main Controller. The I3C Secondary Controller, if present on the bus, operates as a Target to the Main Controller initially, but has the capability to become the Controller on the bus temporarily. When the Secondary Controller becomes the Controller, the Main Controller relinquishes its controller capabilities since the I3C protocol only allows one active Controller on the bus at any time. Figure 1 below shows an example of an interconnected block diagram of the I3C bus.

Important: The I3C module on this device supports I3C Target mode with SDR support only, with no Controller capabilities and is backward compatible with the I2C protocol.
Figure 1. I3C® Bus with I2C and I3C Devices