Timer Control Register 0
  1. 1.The selected clock will be enabled when this bit is set and a Start condition has occurred.
  2. 2.When this bit is set and CSYNC = 1, it takes three timer clocks to synchronize. When this bit is cleared and CSYNC = 1, the selected clock source (especially external clock sources) must supply at least three additional clocks to resolve internal states. During this time, if the timer is already running, any stop/Reset related ERS events that get processed will continue to affect the Run state of the timer. If CSYNC = 0, the ON bit clears immediately and the timer stops immediately.
  3. 3.This bit is not clock synchronized, and needs to only be changed while ON = 0.
  4. 4.The purpose of this control is to select the active edge when using externally-clocked Counter mode.
  5. 5.This bit controls the output even when ON = 0.
  6. 6.This bit is shadowed when the module is frozen during debugging and restored when the module resumes operation.
  7. 7.Capture or stop events load the TUxyCR capture register, regardless of this bit’s setting.
  8. 8.The effect of writing to TUxyCR with RDSEL = 0 is not defined.
  9. 9.The interrupt flags will be set even if the corresponding interrupt is disabled.
  10. 10.The PRIF interrupt will not occur if the user writes the PR value to the TUxyTMR counter register directly.
  11. 11.The CIF interrupt trigger requires a running timer.
  12. 12.This register is not available when the module is chained and operated as a Secondary module.


Bit  7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0  
Access  R/W/HC R/W R/W R/W R/W R/W R/W R/W  
Reset  0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0  

Bit 7 – ON: Timer Enable(1,2)

Timer Enable(1,2)

1 The module is enabled
0 The module is disabled and in the lowest power mode

Bit 6 – CPOL: Timer Clock Polarity Select(3,4)

Timer Clock Polarity Select(3,4)

1 The counter advances with the clock rising edge
0 The counter advances with the clock falling edge

Bit 5 – OM: Timer Output Mode Select

Timer Output Mode Select

1 Output is in Level mode
0 Output is in Pulse mode

Bit 4 – OPOL: Timer Output Polarity Select(5)

Timer Output Polarity Select(5)

1 Output is high when the timer is Idle
0 Output is low when the timer is Idle

Bit 3 – RDSEL: Timer Readout Mode Select(6,7,8)

Timer Readout Mode Select(6,7,8)

The RDSEL bit selects the addressing of TUxyTMR and TUxyCR registers. See Timer Counter and Capture Registers for details.
1 TUxyTMR reads/write the value of the raw counter
0 TUxyCR reads the value of the capture register

Bit 2 – PRIE: Period Match Interrupt Enable(9,10)

Period Match Interrupt Enable(9,10)

1 PRIF interrupt will occur when the counter increments from PR-1 to PR
0 PRIF interrupt is disabled

Bit 1 – ZIE: Zero Interrupt Enable(9)

Zero Interrupt Enable(9)

1 ZIF interrupt will occur when the counter becomes zero from a nonzero value
0 ZIF interrupt is disabled

Bit 0 – CIE: Capture Interrupt Enable(9,11)

Capture Interrupt Enable(9,11)

1 CIF interrupt will occur when a capture event occurs
0 CIF interrupt is disabled