Changing Dynamic Address

The Controller can use the Reset Dynamic Address Assignment (RSTDAA) CCC to require devices to clear/reset their Controller-assigned Dynamic Address. The RSTDAA CCC can be broadcast to all devices on the bus or can be sent directly to a specific device as well. After this, the Target goes back to operating in I2C mode (OPMD = 0b00) and is ready to participate in the Dynamic Address Assignment procedure again.

The Controller can also assign a new Dynamic Address to the Target directly using the Set New Dynamic Address (SETNEWDA) CCC.

Important: Clearing the Dynamic Address only switches the Target’s mode of operation from I3C SDR mode to I2C mode, but it does not change the buffers on SDA and SCL pads. Such a change must be made manually. Refer to I3C Pad Compatibility with I2C/SMBus Levels for details. The user can check the OPMD bits to identify when the Dynamic Address is cleared (or assigned) and switch the buffers accordingly.