Asynchronous Address Mode

A special Address Detection mode is available for use when multiple receivers share the same transmission line, as seen in RS-485 systems.

When Asynchronous Address mode is enabled, all data is transmitted and received as 9-bit characters. The 9th bit determines whether the character is address or data. When the 9th bit is set, the eight Least Significant bits are the address. When the 9th bit is clear, the Least Significant bits are data. In either case, the 9th bit is stored in PERIF when the byte is written to the receive FIFO. When PERIE is also set, the RXIF will be suppressed, thereby suspending DMA transfers allowing software to process the received address.

An address character will enable all receivers that match the address and disable all other receivers. Once a receiver is enabled, all non-address characters will be received until an address character that does not match is received.